Reproductive FAQ

How long will it take to receive my product?

We send our products from our warehouse in Port Melbourne by Australia Post. You can check the Australia Post website here to see when you are likely to receive your product (via standard post). Please note that due to Covid, Australia Post was taking longer than usual to deliver packages by standard Post, particularly to Victorian addresses. This seems to be all back to normal now. But if you do need your product urgently, you can choose to receive by Express Post (at a cost). When you receive your order confirmation email you will receive a tracking code and you can visit the Australia Post website online to track this.

Can you take Reproductive Blend if you are taking Elevit or other prenatal supplements?

Yes, it is typically safe to take Vivalex Reproductive Blend with prenatal supplements. Reproductive Blend has a relatively low amount of folic acid, so it is safe to take in conjunction. But please discuss the use of all medications, vitamins and supplements with your doctor. 

I am currently on Metformin, can I take Reproductive Blend too?

Again, always discuss the use of all medications, vitamins and supplements with your doctor. It is safe to take Metformin and Reproductive blend together and there have been some studies to suggest that the combination of Metformin and Myo-Inositol can be an effective treatment for management of PCOS. 

Does Reproductive Blend have a flavour

No, it doesn’t have a flavour. To keep the product as natural as possible we have kept it unflavoured, although myo-inositol does have a slightly sweet natural flavour itself.

I don't have PCOS, but I want to improve my chances of getting pregnant. Is Reproductive Blend for me?

Yes! The majority of clinical studies have looked at women with PCOS or women who were undergoing IVF or fertility treatments.

However overall, clinical investigations of myo-inositol in combination with folic acid support its use to improve menstrual cyclicity, oocyte (egg) quality, and ovulatory function.

A variety of endpoints measuring hormonal concentrations, changes in metabolic parameters, frequency of ovulation, follicular diameter, and the number and size of retrieved oocytes (eggs) all demonstrate the potential benefit of myo-inositol given with folic acid for managing patients who are having difficulty conceiving.

Can taking Myo-Inositol help with Male Reproductive health too?

While more is known about how myo-inositol may support female reproductive health, more research on this nutrient for male fertility has come to light. It has been shown that myo-inositol supports the function of the mitochondria within the sperm, which gives sperm energy and improves motility. We are currently in the process of developing a fertility supplement for males (will include other active ingredients).

Reproductive Blend is completely safe for males to take, but if you want a supplement designed specifically for male fertility make sure you check out FertZ.

Does it matter how much water I mix the sachet with?

No, it doesn’t matter as long as you have taken all of the powder in the sachet. 

Do you need to take the 2 x sachets morning and night or can you take them together?

You can take both sachets together, or take them morning and night. As long as you get 4mg of Myo-Inositol on a daily basis.

Are there any side effects?

Reproductive Blend is a very safe supplement to ingest, and you shouldn’t experience any side effects. Some people report looser stools when they start taking Myo-Inositol supplements but this usually goes away within the first few weeks.

Can you buy Reproductive Blend in stores?

Our products are currently only available online from, and we ship Australia wide. If you are a practitioner or a retailer and are interested in stocking our products – please feel free to get in touch.