The A to Z of Trying to Conceive (TTC)

Before and during pregnancy, I’m a serial midnight forum surfer. I lie in bed typing questions into my phone and end up on numerous forums reading random conversations from all over the world (sometimes over a decade old…) trying to decipher every symptom I am experiencing.


At first I had no idea what all the letters meant, but after 2 x trying to get pregnant stages and 2 x pregnancies I speak semi-fluent TTC and thought I’d share what I’ve learnt along the way. So let’s look at the A-Z of TTC…

BFP - Positive pregnancy test

BFP stands for Big Fat Positive and refers to getting a positive on a home pregnancy test (or HPT, but I’ll get to that later). I’m starting with this one because it is the end goal and used everywhere. When I first saw it I got the gist, but it wasn’t until I googled it that I found out what it stood for.

BFN - negative pregnancy test

Yep you guessed it BFN stands for Big Fat Negative aka a negative pregnancy test.

2WW - The two week wait

The two week wait is the two week wait after ovulation until you (hopefully) get a BFP.

DPO - days past ovulation

People often refer to the days past ovulation (or DPO) when they first got a BFP. For example: “I got a BFN at 10dpo, but BFP 11dpo”

AF - Your period

This comes from the term “aunt flow” which is a really old fashioned term for getting your period. I’ve never heard of anyone referring to their period as Aunt Flow in real life (IRL) but when you’re trying to conceive and on the forums… it’s AF that comes to town.

BCP - Birth control pill

Obviously you need to get off the BCP when you’re TTC

BD - sex with your partner to get pregnant

Also known as the “baby dance”…again never heard anyone use this IRL. But why just have sex when you can do the baby dance??

DTD - sex with your partner to get pregnant

Also known as “doing the deed”. There are plenty of phrases for having sex IRL so not surprisingly there are a few in the world of TTC forums too… Is it just me or does DTD sound a lot less fun than doing the BD?

Baby Dust - good luck with getting pregnant

Ok so not an acronym but used a lot…When someone sends baby dust they are hoping you get some good pregnancy news (ie a BFP). Sometimes you hear “sticky dust” too which is when someone sends you good luck in your TWW or first trimester - hoping that the baby will “stick”.

O - ovulation

When someone O’s in TTC forums they are not experiencing an orgasm, but ovulating. Although the former during the latter could very well lead to a BFP!

CM - cervical mucous

If you’ve ever researched the signs of O (see above) egg white cervical mucous (EWCM) is a big sign. Although you probably never discuss CM IRL, it is the talk of the town in TTC forums.

EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucous

If you can stretch it between your fingers (like egg whites) you’re close to ‘O’ and it’s time to DTD

BBT - basal body temperature

Some people record their body temperature (or BBT) first thing every morning and record it to pin point when ovulation occurs in their cycle. Your BBT rises after ovulation due to increased progesterone released from the corpus luteum after ovulation.

HPT - Home pregnancy test

The ones you buy at the chemist or the supermarket.

Internet Cheapie - bulk cheap home pregnancy tests you buy online

Again not an Acronym but if you are using lots of HPTs, you might want to buy some in bulk on the internet. Because a POAS (see below) addiction can get very expensive. And from personal experience, they are very small sticks and might come in a plastic zip lock bag. 

POAS - take a home pregnancy test

Also known as to “pee on a stick”. Many people refer to having POAS addictions during their TTC phase. I think I might fall into the POAS addict category myself.

FMU - first morning urine

POAS first thing, using your FMU, and you’re more likely to get a BFP due to higher hCG levels (see next acronym)

hCG - human chorionic gonadotrophin 

A home pregnancy test detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), in your urine.  And yes I totally just cut and paste that from google.

DD & DS - dear daughter and dear son.

Or maybe darling daughter and darling son? Anyway this is how you refer to your already born children. And if you have more than one, then they are referred to as DS1 and DS2 etc.

DH - dear husband or DP - dear partner

Yep this is how you refer to the old ball and chain.

Then you have a baby and you get a whole heap more….cue EBF and EBM…

Which ones have I missed? What else have you come across? Would love you to leave comments!

This article was written by Jane Bradley


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